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About Us

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About us

Everything about Planet Remedy

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Planet Remedy focuses on natural essential oil blends with advanced formulas that bring real benefits. We strive to educate our community about the natural goodness of the essential oil and the amazing power of a well- formulated blend of essential oils.

We work closely with local botanists and aromatherapists together with our scientific R&D team that has over 20 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry to develop the most effective essential oil blends that are safe for daily use. Our operations encompass everything from clinical practice to product design, research and development, regulatory affairs, and quality production.

Planet Remedy is committed to developing the safest products on the planet and employing the best practice in all facets of quality and safety. Planet Remedy is a firm believer that employing the best people, adhering to established standard operating procedures (SOP), utilising the highest- quality ingredients, following stringent testing procedures, and maintaining state-of-the-art training facilities results in unmatched quality and a safety record second to none.

Each Planet Remedy product passes more than 50 rigorous quality tests and checks during all stages of the manufacturing process, prior to being released to the market. Samples from every single batch produced are continuously tested and monitored for quality consistency.

Made by Nature

Inspired by nature, Planet Remedy develops solely natural and indigenous Australian plant products.

All of our products are extracted naturally from the finest grade, fresh and clean plants. We care about our people and our planet and believe in deciphering nature’s secrets.

Backed by Science

Planet Remedy only formulates the ingredients that have been researched and scientifically verified to be effective in both conventional and alternative treatment.

Our commitment to science-based solutions and research enables us to develop solutions that can significantly improve our customers’ quality of life.