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Support your Immunity for the winter season

Support your Immunity for the winter season

Winter is just around the corner! It's an exciting time for all of us to finally escape the summer heatwave, it is also a time for us to change up our lifestyle & build our immune systems to keep ourselves warm and healthy throughout the winter! 

Winter is well and truly here! It's an exciting time for all of us to finally escape the summer heatwave, and also a time to change up our lifestyle & build our immune systems to keep warm and healthy throughout the cool season!

People tend to spend more time indoors during the winter, resulting in closer contact with other people who may pass on their symptoms. With the winter air being cold & less humid, this allows the common influenza virus to remain airborne for a longer period of time. This winter, take the chance to head out and get some fresh air and take in plenty of vitamin D from the sunshine.

This week, Our Planet Remedy team shares some proven ways you can support your immunity to prepare for the winter season.

Regular exercise:

Do you find yourself dreading heading to the gym? Regular exercise is the key to boosting your immune system this winter. Being physically fit has been demonstrated to improve cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure, and even protect against a number of diseases. It undoubtedly aids in the development of a stronger, healthier immune system.

Getting sufficient rest:

Sleep deprivation can have an effect on your immune system. Getting enough rest each night is necessary to prevent your body from weakening. It is critical to get enough sleep so that your body has sufficient time to recover and become stronger each night in order to fight infection, and feel that much better each day!

Minimising stress:

When people are experiencing a certain amount of stress, it may potentially take a toll on their immune system. It could lower your lymphocyte count which would increase your risk of catching a virus or a cold. Having regular meditation or yoga sessions can help to prevent stress from impacting your overall mental and physical health.

Maintain a healthy diet:

Have food cravings of all types during the winter? Our daily diet intake is important because our immune system is heavily reliant on our stomach. It is critical to evaluate the nutritional contents of our meals because a poor nutrition meal might have an impact on your immune system. If you feel you may need an additional boost, a daily Immune + Energy Support or mineral supplement may provide you with extra nutrients and bring many health advantages.

Introducing Planet Remedy’s Cough / Immunity / Headache Series

Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine culture, Planet’s remedy cough relief spray is designed to -

  • Relieve mild bronchial cough
  • Relieve blocked nasal passages
  • Decrease severity of symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections.

Though you may not have complete control over how your immune system works, there are numerous ways to support the immune system. From vitamins and supplements to regular exercise and diet maintenance, these temporary remedies can only accomplish so much. In any case, if you were to catch a cold, use Planet Remedy's cough relief spray as used in traditional western herbal medicine to help alleviate the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections & get you through the winter.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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