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How To Combat Post-Viral Fatigue

How To Combat Post-Viral Fatigue

Have you recovered from a viral infection only to realise you’re still not feeling your best? Australians nationwide, have been speaking up about their prolonged fatigue and unusual lingering symptoms after experiencing the flu or a viral infection.

Many suspect the cause of this is something called post-viral fatigue, the symptoms are commonly associated with individuals experiencing fatigue after recovering from a viral infection. So if you’ve just beaten a virus or the flu and don’t feel like you’ve recovered completely, we’ve got you covered with information on post-viral fatigue and how to combat it.

Please always remember to consult with a medical professional before attempting any at home remedies for your health and safety. 

Common Symptoms Of Post-Viral Fatigue

  • significant lack of energy despite having a regular sleeping pattern
  • brain fog and/or issues with your ability to concentrate and focus
  • recurring headaches, particularly if you don’t experience migraines
  • noticeably swollen lymph nodes unattributed to other medical issues  
  • new feelings of muscle and joint pain not related to physical injuries

Okay if after looking through some of the common symptoms you’re starting to feel concerned you might be experiencing post-viral fatigue, it’s time to consult a medical professional about your symptoms. It’s important a medical professional rules out any other health issues first.

Combatting Post-Viral Fatigue

If you’ve come back from the doctors completely exhausted looking for any advice on how to combat Post-Viral fatigue, here’s some methods to help alleviate your symptoms as best you can.

  • give your body a break and minimise any straining activities
  • reduce your workload where possible to allow your brain to rest
  • eat a well rounded and nourishing diet to help your recovery
  • start writing a schedule to help in addressing memory issues
  • manage some of your muscle pain with heating/cooling packs
  • follow a light exercise routine with limited cardio such as yoga
  • try relaxing activities like meditation, massages and aromatherapy

Managing post-viral fatigue can seem overwhelming at first, but with some persistence these tips on combatting post-viral fatigue have the potential to provide you with some relief and energy.But if some of the things on this list sound too exhausting to engage with, the team at Planet Remedy has a solution for you. You can tick one thing off the list with Planet Remedy’s Energy Inhaler!

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 Please see a medical professional if symptoms persist or increase in severity. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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