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How You Can Prepare For Hayfever Season

How You Can Prepare For Hay fever Season

With hay fever season just around the corner, we’re sure anyone who deals with seasonal allergies is already starting to feel mild symptoms in the lead up to what can be a difficult time of year.

Besides stockpiling tissue boxes and speaking with a doctor to organise a medical plan for your allergies, what else can you do?

The team at Planet Remedy has come up with some ideas on things you can do to prepare for hay fever season, in hopes of taking some preventative measures to ensure you’re not dealing with any more symptoms than you have to.

What To Look Out For

When & Where: In Australia, October and November can be some of the worst months for seasonal allergies with pollen counts being at their highest. Pollen ranks high as one of the biggest contributors to hay fever throughout the year, so it’s important to find out when pollen counts are going to peak in your country and state. Keep in mind it’s different depending on your climate so it’s important to check conditions specific to your climate and native flora.

Preparing Your Home: Making sure you prepare your home against potential allergens is important all year-round but even more so during hay fever season. This means giving your room (especially your bedroom) a good deep clean to get rid of any additional causes such as dust and pet hair. It’s also incredibly important to make sure you sleep with your windows shut and close them whenever you feel a breeze, this is to avoid any pollen sneaking into your home.

Know What You’re Up Against: It’s always a good idea that if you have a pre-existing diagnosis of hay fever and/or asthma to inquire with your doctor about an allergy test, one specific to hay fever. This can help determine exactly what types of plants, grass and bugs are the culprit of your worst allergies, allowing you to potentially avoid hay fever triggers all together in some circumstances. You never know if the flowers you decided to plant right next to your windowsill could be releasing a specific type of pollen that acts as a major source of your symptoms.

Keep Your Hygiene Up: You should always practise good hygiene for a host of reasons, but even more so when dealing with hay fever season. Try and get into the habit of changing into indoor clothes as soon as you’re home and throwing the clothes you wore outside in the wash, this can help you avoid carrying any excessive allergens into your home. On a similar note make sure you hop straight into the shower if possible and use a gentle face wash to get rid of any pollen and/or dust you might have picked up if you were outdoors.

Stay Relaxed: One of the hardest parts of having hay fever is trying to stay calm when you’re dealing with an itchy nose, sneezing every two minutes and permanently carrying tissues. Try your best to find something that can calm your mind and body down and it's likely you’ll feel a lot less irritable if nothing else. A great way to do this is through aromatherapy. Planet Remedy now offers a Hayfever Inhaler traditionally used in aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of hay fever, seasonal allergies and nasal congestion.

So with that being said, head over to your local pharmacy and grab our Planet Remedy Hay fever Inhaler to prepare for the upcoming season!  Please see a medical professional if symptoms persist or increase in severity. 

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
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