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3 Signs Stress Is Affecting Your Body

3 Signs Stress Is Affecting Your Body

What Is Stress?

Telling a coworker or friend you’re feeling stressed during a busy week is just a part of life, but it’s important to know exactly what stress is and how it can manifest itself physically. When you experience a drastic change or challenge in your life, it’s likely you’ll experience some kind of stress response. This can vary from person to person, in both presentation and in severity. However it’s important to know when you're experiencing continuous stressors with no relief, because in some cases this can begin to affect your health and overall wellbeing. So we’ve compiled 3 signs that stress could be affecting your body.


  1. Irritability: if you’re constantly clenching your jaw, experiencing muscle tension and mild headaches over small inconveniences, this could be an example of stress manifesting physically. Your physical and mental health are often intertwined and with too much pressure being put on your mind to manage external stressors, it’s leaving your body to fend for itself. Additionally, when you’re overwhelmed by stress it’s hard to focus on much else, making what were once simple tasks much more difficult to complete. Definitely a sign to reflect and relax.


  1. Digestion: experiencing discomfort when eating or a drastic change to your appetite can definitely be a physical symptom of stress. Think about the last time you pulled an all-nighter for work and by the time you got home just the thought of cooking felt far too overwhelming, let alone actually eating. Sometimes your body can develop response patterns to stress, where instinctively your appetite becomes suppressed by the sensory overload of external stressors. Sometimes stomach pain can be caused by stress induced anxiety coupled with an erratic diet. 


  1. Immunity: find yourself getting sick over and over again with no medical explanation as to why? Sometimes stress can occupy so many of your body's resources, that it fails to leave anything behind to beat a viral infection or common cold. Stress can also exacerbate the feeling of symptoms associated with being unwell and consequently, cause extreme bouts of irritability beyond the scope of what’s generally expected when experiencing viruses or a common cold.


Now it’s important to note any/all of these symptoms could always be a sign of something else so it’s important to discuss these issues with your medical practitioner regardless of your own hypothesis. Often stress can lead to dangerous health issues if left untreated, so don’t take the risk when it comes to your health and wellbeing, head to your local doctor as soon as possible. But if you’ve already spoken with your doctor and are looking for some at home remedies, try our Planet Remedy Immunity Inhaler, traditionally used in Aromatherapy to help support healthy immune system function.


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Please see a medical professional if symptoms persist or increase in severity. 

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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