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5 Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

5 Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Most Australians are habitual coffee drinkers, but swapping your latte for a cup of tea could provide some overlooked health benefits. Many studies have shown a correlation between drinking herbal tea and an improved general wellbeing.

There's a reason you're drawn to tea brewed with ingredients like ginger, lemon and honey when you're feeling under the weather, many of those popular ingredients contain antibacterial and energising qualities. If you're wondering what other popular teas might contain health benefits, we've listed our top five. 

5 Health Benefits Of Herbal Teas

  • Green tea: one of the most popular choices, this tea is known for its rich antioxidant levels and lowering of cholesterol when consumed regularly. 
  • Black tea: high in caffeine, but more likely to provide a stable energy boost in comparison to the anxiety some experience from generic coffee. 
  • Matcha tea: there's a reason for the sudden spike in Matcha advocates all over the internet, authentic matcha is known to improve your metabolism.
  • Mint tea: if you're ever feeling bloated or fatigued, mint is your go-to herb for its anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect that can improve alertness.
  • Chai: originating in India, it's well loved for both its improvement to ones general wellbeing and complex flavour profile that features cinnamon. 


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