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Planet Remedy Personal Mesh Diffuser

  • $59.99
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Advantages over traditional vaporisers:
  • Personalised Solution
  • Room Temperature Mist
  • Ultra-fine mist diffusion
  • Easier to carry and use
  • Battery-powered & portable
  • Less disturbance to others

Planet Remedy Personal Mesh Diffuser provides a premium solution for your personal essential oil diffusion needs.
It is a personal device that allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of the Aromatherapy.
Its active-vibrating mesh technology diffuses the essential oil solution and provides you with a smooth and luxury diffusion experience.
Besides, its replaceable outlet piece attachment offers you maximum hygiene during each use.

This product may become unusable due to a low battery level or mechanical impact.
It is recommended to have the unit fully charged before use.
Always follow basic safety precautions when using electrical products.
As with any electrical device, take particular care around children.