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How To Stay Calm

How To Stay Calm

At Planet Remedy, we make our products with an understanding of the countless changes going on globally and in our own personal lives our Calm Inhaler is created with ingredients Traditionally used in Aromatherapy to help support you staying calm on the go.


Our Calm Inhaler Contains 4 Key Ingredients

1. Cananga odorata flower oil essential - also known as ylang ylang it’s a common ingredient in essential oils used in aromatherapy. The essential oil is prepared from the flower through steam distillation. 

2. Chamaemelum nobile flower oil essential - chamomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant.

3. Citrus X paradisi fruit peel oil essential - this essential oil comes from cold-pressing the peel of a grapefruit to produce a fresh citrus aroma.

4. Lavandula angustifolia herb top flowering oil essential - the lavender flower is one of the most popular choices when formulating essential oils.


    What You Can Do To Stay Calm


      • Get plenty of rest - maintain a strong sleep schedule with the aid of our Calm Inhaler to minimise any anxiety before bed, make sure you give your body the best chance of a good night’s rest by minimising any screen time an hour before bed.
      • Stay hydrated - drinking enough water and eating a well balanced diet for your body can minimise feelings of stress, healing your mind is dependant on healing your body too.
      • Use our aromatherapy products - this aids in relaxation and with regular mediation will help to relieve your mind of any foreseeable stresses, especially useful before bed.


      Calm Inhaler Benefits

      Relax your mind knowing our Calm Inhaler’s formulation is rooted in traditional medicine using aromatherapy. The Calm Inhaler comes in a practical size that will allow you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy wherever and whenever you need.


      Head over to your nearest pharmacy and ask for a Planet Remedy Calm Inhaler today!


      Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

      Available soon in Chempro, Chemist Discount Centre, Advantage Pharmacy and your nearest Health Food Stores.