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Preparing For The New ‘Super Flu’ Symptoms

Preparing For The New ‘Super Flu’ Symptoms

With the new ‘‘super-flu’ going around seemingly Australia-wide right now, you need to be prepared for the symptoms that are going to come along with it. The flu is very contagious, especially in cold weather or when you’ve been spending more time indoors with other people.

How do you know when you’ve caught the flu?

There’s a few signs to look out for if you’re worried you’ve caught it:noticeable fever and/or chills:

  • having a regular, dry cough
  • intense fatigue or brain fog
  • aching muscle or joint pain
  • sore and dry throat runny or blocked nose.
    If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms the first thing to do is consult with a health professional to ensure your health and safety is being put first. But if you’ve done that and you’re back in bed with a doctor’s certificate to sleep it off, here’s some extra tips on how to minimise the severity of any discomfort and pain you’re probably experiencing right now.
      • Stay away from any liquids that are going to make you feel worse and stick to water, this includes sugary soft drinks, dairy and most importantly, alcohol.
      • Try and monitor your temperature, especially if you’re experiencing a fever. And make sure you’re staying warm by layering up with cosy clothes if you’re not in bed.
      • Ensure your body is prepared with the right fuel to fight this flu by eating foods that will ensure you’re not deficient in any essential nutrients, think fish and lots of veggies.
      • If your sore throat is the worst part of your flu, a common trick is to dissolve rock salt into warm water and gargle with it morning and night to fight any bacteria in your throat.
      • Falling asleep with the flu isn’t always easy but it’s essential, so try aromatherapy to ease your sinuses with a clean and fresh scent that might help boost your mood, too.

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